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Hybrid Energy

Lava Fusion 500W/499WH Portable Power Station

Lava Fusion 500W/499WH Portable Power Station

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Fusion 499WH Portable Power Station


Fusion 499WH Portable Power Station offers power on the go in a classy compact design, Ideal for emergencies such as power outages and also great for camping trips or whatever applications where electricity is needed allowing you to power small appliances. With several USB ports this device allows you to keep your phone and other handheld devices charged.


Solar Charging for Bright Sunny Days

Ideal for the Outdoors, easy to cart around for accessibility

Provides electricity to numerous small appliances

Charges your cell phone and a plethora of other devices.

Lithium-Ion batteries that Last longer than Lead based batteries

Equipped with an LED flashlight to illuminate the dark.

Able to keep your Networking Devices powered through bouts of loadshedding



DC Output Voltage:

5V + USBC x 1(3A)

5V + USB x 3 (2A)

2 x 12V DC

Power Output: 500W

Battery Capacity: 135000mAh

Total Watt Hours: 499Wh

Dimensions: 340195210mm

Weight: 7000g""

Please Make sure the total power consumption for all connected appliances is less than 500W before connecting the device to the AC port.

If the power been drawn exceeds 500W, the power station will shut down and this could cause damage.

The device is advised to be used as a Power Station; not as an always-on, pass-through solution.

It isn t advised to use the device while charging or to leave it constantly plugged in, as this can cause battery to deplete and lose lifespan.

The Device needs to be fully charged before first time use, and the Average Charge time is about 8 Hours.

What's in the box
1 x Portable Power Station
1 x User Manual

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