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Dyness Power box Pro 10.24kWh Lithium Battery

Dyness Power box Pro 10.24kWh Lithium Battery

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Dyness Powerbox Pro 10.24kWh Lithium Battery

The Dyness Power Depot 10.24kWh lithium battery is designed to look good with great preformance.


  • Complies with European ROHS, Certified SGS, employs non-toxic, non-pollution environment-friendly battery.
  • Anode materials are lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), high safety performance with longer life span.
  • Equipped with BMS (battery management system) mode with better performance, possesses protection function like over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, abnormal temperature.
  • Self-management on charging and discharging, Single core balancing function.
  • Intelligent design configures integrated inspection module.
  • Flexible configurations allow parallel of multi battery for longer standby time.
  • Self-ventilation with lower system noise.
  • Less battery self-discharge, then recharging period can be up to 10 months during the storage.
  • No memory effect so that battery can be charged and discharged shallowly.
  • With wide range of temperature for working environment, -20℃ ~ +55 ℃, circulation span and discharging performance are well under high temperature.
  • Less volume, lighter weight, seal grade up to IP65 embedding design for easier installation and maintenance.


Dyness Powerbox

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